What can I expect with battery life?

This topic gets a lot of attention. Our customers continue to share with us how long they can go without having to charge. Please keep in mind, this is all relative to what type of user you are and even down to weather/temperature. 

  • If you're a heavy user, a 240mAh battery is only going to last a day or two. There's no workaround on capacity. We will be coming out with larger capacity batteries down the line. Until then, we designed this for the moderate/casual consumer; should easily last at least a week but likely longer. 
  • Cold weather is the enemy to all electronics - everything from your mobile phones (and now Teslas). You may find that your Vessel has challenges working in cold weather; rest assured, all you need to do is warm it up but keep in mind, your oil will likely have effects from the cold temperatures as well. 



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