Which cartridges or brands do you recommend?

For a few reasons, we cannot recommend specific brands; it is best for you to consult with your local retailer/delivery service. That said, there are a few things to consider as you decide which cartridges will work or fit your needs with your newly purchased Vessel.

DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY // brands using CCELL cartridges have worked exceptionally well.

DIAMETER // our "transition module" which is the protective piece at the top of the device, will accommodate any cartridge that is < 10.8mm (inner diameter) for Gen 1 and < 11.5mm for our Gen 2 (marked with a '+'). Many new cartridges coming from the nicotine world that are larger will work but you will need to remove this Transition Module.

AESTHETIC & STYLE // CCELL carts match the styling and lines of our Collection best. However, this is a personal preference of how you want it all to come together. 



Vessel Compatible 510 Cartridges

Here's a visual reference to get you started. The 510 cartridges shown above are commonly found in all markets and should work just fine with our Vessel Collection as long as they are < 10.8mm in diameter for our Gen1 line and < 11.5mm for our Gen 2 (all products marked with a '+'). They won't always look pretty - that comes down to your personal preference. Always feel welcome to ask your retailer for recommendations. We recommend certified/reputable brands that utilize the CCELL cartridge (TH2 or M6T Models) - they are proven, high quality and work exceptionally well with the Vessel CollectionWARNING: BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS, THERE ARE MANY.


We put "Incompatible" in quotes for a reason. Technically they work with our line, however, you'll likely have to remove the top section (the "Transition Module") of our device. The good news is because these cartridges are larger/wider and more rugged, they don't necessarily need the protection the Transition Module provides. For the more technically inclined, the Itsuwa manufacturer (Amigo Liberty line) and ones that are similar in design have a slight variation in thread pattern and the connection point also protrudes more than CCELL. These iterations may require a little pressure to "catch" thread with our line. Many of these cartridges crossed over from the nicotine space so there are some challenges with compatibility here. Just be aware as you consider making a Vessel purchase.

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