Why did the connection point on the battery come undone?

If you removed an oil cartridge and something extra came out with it, meaning the connection point and now you're seeing wires, etc. - it's an unfortunate occurrence that we want to help you understand. 

  • The connection point is a flexible conductive pin. The reason it is flexible is so the pin can accommodate different heights to make sure there's always a solid connection to power the cartridge heating element. Why? There are hundreds of different styles of cartridges and they all have different designs and characteristics. We did our best to accommodate as many of the reputable, authentic cartridges in the marketplace.
  • The reason the pin became dislodged is likely due to a faulty cartridge. When oil leaks from the cartridge, it's "bleeding" a sticky residue. The longer this takes place, the more the oil then starts to act like an adhesive. Abrupt unthreading of the cartridge will take the connection pin with it. 

Unfortunately this isn't a malfunction of our device. We are working to design ways to prevent this from happening but with moving parts comes some potential casualties. We can't issue refunds or replacements for damages incurred by faulty cartridges, but reach out to our customer support team - we'll find ways to take care of you if we can: support@vesselbrand.com

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