Why isn’t my Carbon sparking?

Updated by Nadia Bashir

If you are using high quality butane you must wait 4 minutes to let the butane come to room-temperature within the device before firing (because when you first inject butane, it freezes, so you need to let it sit a few moments to hit room temperature).

In rare cases, due to impact during shipping, the igniter rod shifts so that the spark is attracted to the top of the casing rather than the actual butane nozzle. This issue can be corrected using a small, pointed tool like you would find in a jewelry or eyeglass repair kit:

1. Make sure the flame adjustment dial is set to midpoint

2. Look through the circular opening on the top of the lighter to locate the small igniter rod (this rod creates the spark that activates the butane)

3. Insert your small pointer tool into the opening and gently push the igniter rod down so that it is pointing toward the nozzle (effectively repositioning the spark)

Please contact support@vesselbrand.com if you encounter any challenges and we will surely help you resolve!

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