How do I use my one hitter?

Updated by Nadia Bashir

Grind, pack, and spark is the simple three step rule to using your one-hitter. Grind your flower first and then get ready to pack your bowl. We tend to abide by the law: not too tight, not too loose, when it comes to packing your one hitter. You don’t want your flower flying everywhere, but you want to be able to get air through the herb without straining a lung.  Remember to pack, and not press. After your herb is in the bowl, attach your bowl to its stem (if you’re using the Helix) and light and inhale. Place the flame close to the herb and inhale until it starts to burn. This should create a cherry, keeping the flower lit and allowing you to take multiple hits from it. If the cherry goes out before the bowl is ashed, continue this step until the bowl is done.  

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